Why I Blog Erratically

HEY THERE all you beautiful people who still bother to read my blog! You know I love you~

So I know I don't blog like I used to, with a new post every few days. Now, when I do post, I post in spurts - random spurts of sudden inspiration. I mean, if I have nothing to write about, what do I write about? I'm not a very creative person, so I don't often get any ideas that are interesting and bloggable enough to blog about. Personally, I just don't see the point in writing something when I have nothing to write. That's reserved for English class. (HAHA I'm so funny.)

A brief summary of reasons why I may not be blogging for a period of time:

  1. Life is boring where I live, and just boring in general. Nothing ever happens...except for the recent shooting, which is obviously horrible and sad and scary and really sick, especially since the soldier was shot in front of the war memorial. That's just twisted. My heart goes out to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as well as WO Patrice Vincent, and all who knew them. May you rest in peace. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and WO Patrice Vincent
  2. I have schoolwork - a shitload of schoolwork, to the point where my life is basically a pile of homework. Sad, I know.
  3. Books!
  4. I'm on a trip.
  5. Tumblr and/or Facebook
  6. Youtube
Generally, though, it's the first two reasons. And to be honest, I go on Tumblr and Facebook erratically too...

That's all for now, people! Have an awesome day :)

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How to be Creepy

I have recently been very tired as a result of excessive schoolwork, procrastination, books, and procrastination. Through this experience, I have gained 2 things: under-eye bags and new knowledge - specifically, knowledge about myself. I have realized, with the help of my friends, that when I am tired, I get somewhat...creepy. Yeah, you read that right. BUT NO I'M NOT A CREEP, OK? It's just fun :D

Here are some foolproof ways to be creepy, tested earlier today on my friends.

  1. Hug someone, sniff them loudly, and whisper "You smell nice..."
  2. Get out your lip balm. Without taking the cap off, and making sure that your friend is watching, slowly move it towards him/her and rub it on the side of their neck, moving downwards. Stare at them with a creepy smile on your face the whole time.
  3. While your friend is facing the other way, quietly walk up behind them and start stroking their hair and/or back.
  4. During a long, not awkward, silence, suddenly look your friend straight in the eye and say "Boobehs," again with a creepy smile on your face and with your eyes wide open.
  5. Make sure that he/she is looking at you. Then, stare them straight in the eye and eat your food, one bit at a time, never breaking eye contact. Chew slowly and keep silent.
There you go! Five very funny (to me XD ) and highly amusing ways to...well...amuse yourself :) And no, I don't make a hobby of this...I was just really tired, ok? And besides, it was hilarious :D

Also, I found some more creepy things that you can whisper into someone's ear while hugging them, from here. The picture is below :)

Have an awesome day!!

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P.S. By the way, my friends were ok with it :P

Kid Accidentally Steals Cup from Restaurant

My blog: "You should post something."

Me: "But I'm too lazy to post something."

My blog: "Well too bad, it's been 5 days already, and you should post now, because if you don't today, you won't post anything tomorrow or the day after that either."

Me: "Oh yeah? And how do you know?"

My blog: *snorts* "Cuz you're a procrastinator and a lazy ass?"


Me: ... 'K fine.

So, since I have no idea what to post (nothing remotely blog-worthy has happened), I'll just leave you with this hilarious video I found.


Good night!
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My Summer :)

Hi guys!

It turns out I really am too lazy to type up what happened during my summer...so here are some pics instead :D

Somewhere North of Toronto:

The Campfire from the night of Day 1.

Do you see all the bugs? Eww. (On a trail.)

Flowerpot Island:

A bridge that's part of a trail on Flowerpot Island. And there's me lol.

The bridge from another angle.

 The Toronto Zoo:

Polar bear!! :D

So cute~

Flamingos - so pretty :)


He's called DaMao, by the way.

A giraffe!

I went to a bunch of other places too, but I only picked out a few photos. Hope you liked them :)

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P.S. Can you see my laziness? XD

Making Out with Bathroom Doors

Hellooo everybody! Long time no see!

Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo
It's been about 2 months since the last time I posted, so there are quite a few stories that I could tell about my summer. I could tell you about the month I spent volunteering at a camp, my camping and sightseeing trip to Toronto, and all the little things in between - but I'm too lazy to type it all up. Maybe later :P Instead, let me tell you about what happened to me this morning.

This morning, at school, I was walking towards the girls washroom and was about to push the door open. Usually, all you have to do is push on the door and it swings open, so I was expecting to walk right through. But no. Nooooooo. For some reason, that particular washroom was locked this morning, so when I reached out to push the door open and stepped forward, I stepped right into the stupid door, smushing my face against it in the process.

So yeah. I kissed the washroom door. Gross. But if that wasn't enough, at that exact moment, some good-looking guy walked past me, and saw me smushing my mouth on that door.

How come there are always people around to watch me do stupid things?? Ugh.

On another note, I finally got Tumblr!!! I post cute things , random things, funny things, cool things and whatever else I find interesting. Follow me here :) And haha it took me way longer than it should have to find a theme and tweak it. I think it was worth it, though, because now it's adorable ^^

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