How to be Creepy

I have recently been very tired as a result of excessive schoolwork, procrastination, books, and procrastination. Through this experience, I have gained 2 things: under-eye bags and new knowledge - specifically, knowledge about myself. I have realized, with the help of my friends, that when I am tired, I get somewhat...creepy. Yeah, you read that right. BUT NO I'M NOT A CREEP, OK? It's just fun :D

Here are some foolproof ways to be creepy, tested earlier today on my friends.

  1. Hug someone, sniff them loudly, and whisper "You smell nice..."
  2. Get out your lip balm. Without taking the cap off, and making sure that your friend is watching, slowly move it towards him/her and rub it on the side of their neck, moving downwards. Stare at them with a creepy smile on your face the whole time.
  3. While your friend is facing the other way, quietly walk up behind them and start stroking their hair and/or back.
  4. During a long, not awkward, silence, suddenly look your friend straight in the eye and say "Boobehs," again with a creepy smile on your face and with your eyes wide open.
  5. Make sure that he/she is looking at you. Then, stare them straight in the eye and eat your food, one bit at a time, never breaking eye contact. Chew slowly and keep silent.
There you go! Five very funny (to me XD ) and highly amusing ways to...well...amuse yourself :) And no, I don't make a hobby of this...I was just really tired, ok? And besides, it was hilarious :D

Also, I found some more creepy things that you can whisper into someone's ear while hugging them, from here. The picture is below :)

Have an awesome day!!

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P.S. By the way, my friends were ok with it :P


Envy 9/27/2014 2:19 PM

So I officially came here as a representative for Teenage Blogger Central, but got totally distracted by your list of ways to be creepy: I found out I accidentally do some of those things LOL.
Anyway, I still have to say as a TBC representative: thank you for putting up a link button! We're currently trying to convince people of putting a link button in their side bar, but I'm glad to see you already have one :) If you ever have any suggestions for the community or for a guest post, let us know :)

*Lyn* 9/27/2014 9:39 PM

Hi Envy!!

I'm glad to see that you can relate to my creepiness XD

I put that link up as soon as I joined TBC because I feel like it's only fair to link you back when TBC linked me - it doesn't feel right otherwise... And you're welcome! :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Sarah 9/27/2014 10:25 PM

Oh my goodness, this had me in stitches. xD
The funny thing is, I could totally picture some of my friends doing these things.
Gotta loooove those under eye bags. :P Are you in your last year of high school?

*Lyn* 9/28/2014 10:41 PM

I know, right? Aren't under-eye bags just fabulous? ;) And no, I'm in my second-last :)

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