Deception >:D

I got a package in the mail today!!! :D Aren't you just so happy when you get something in the mail? It makes me feel all special :)

the front of the package my sister sent me
The front of the package.
The package is from my sister. It's a present she ordered online for my birthday, which is coming up in about a week. I'm not going to open it until then. Well, I'm going to try. It'll be hard resisting the temptation haha :)

the back of the package my sister sent meAnyway, as a joke, the package says "From Larry", which is obviously not my sister's name. However, my little brother actually took it seriously and thinks that some dude named Larry sent me a package for no particular reason. Since I don't know any Larrys, he's getting really excited trying to figure out who sent it and why. So now he's constantly saying stuff like "What if there's an bomb inside??", "But how did they get our address?!", and "Maybe the numbers on it are a clue!! But what could they mean..." and you get the idea. And being the awesome sister that I am, I'm just leading him on :) But hey, can you blame me? It's hilarious to watch :D

Don't worry, I'll tell him eventually ;)

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Sarah 4/09/2014 12:03 PM

I love getting packages and letters in the mail! :)
Oh my goodness, that sounds so much like my brother. Honestly. xD Aren't little brothers the most entertaining things?
Happy early birthday! :D

*Lyn* 4/09/2014 5:57 PM

Haha yup they are, but only when they're not being annoying ;)
Thank you! :D

Anonymous 4/09/2014 7:52 PM

LOL I wish I had a brother.
And happy early birthday!

*Lyn* 4/09/2014 8:57 PM

Thank you :)
And while little brothers have their moments, they don't seem so cute when they're your sibling ;)

Tropical Colours 4/10/2014 7:05 AM

Awww that's super cute!!
Hahaha your brother must be super excited haha!
I know what it's like to make them believe things! It's so entertaining!!
Happy early birthday to you lovely!

Pushya C 4/10/2014 2:03 PM

Hahah love this! :)
My sister made me believe all kind of things when I was younger she once convinced me I was adopted LOL!
Happy Birthday Lyn :)

*Lyn* 4/10/2014 5:01 PM

@Tropical Colours: Yup he certainly is :) And thank you!

@Pushya: Same here!! Once, we were eating this weird-looking mushroom (don't worry, it was safe to eat) and my sister managed to convince me to think that it was some kind of animal brain -_-

Tuhsang 5/04/2014 12:07 PM

you should do a what i got for my birthday post (: & happy belated birthday!

*Lyn* 6/20/2014 5:59 PM

Thank you! And I was planning to, but... well it's kind of late now haha :)

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