Clever People

Today I had a spoken word poetry workshop in English class.And it made me feel stupid. Ugh.

So basically the guest speakers told us to each come up with a "compliment" for ourselves to increase our confidence about speaking in front of people. The general format was "I am so (insert quality here) that (blah blah blah).

I had no idea what to do for mine, so in the end I just said a really crappy one. (I`m not going to say it on here because it sucks so much.) But some of the ones that the other people in my class came up with were amazing. Some of the ones that were in reference to math and science were so IB but it was hilarious. Here are a few of the ones that they came up with:

  • My pH is so low that I make everybody else look basic.
  • I`m so hype that I`m equal to the square root of b squared plus c squared.
  • I`m so hardcore that - Just a sec, mom! I`m busy tying on my heelies.
Ok, well, they sounded a lot funnier when they actually said it.

Oh, and my English teacher, who`s really strict and almost always has a serious face on (but is still awesome) pretty much died laughing at the following one:

"I`m so weird that when my brother threw up I literally just stood there for the next 10 minutes and stared at his vomit wondering how much his stomach acid had dissolved the food he ate."

*sigh*, clever people make me feel so... so un-clever.
Be friends with stupid people - feel like a genius all the time.
Maybe this is what they were thinking :/
And now I have to write a single-spaced 1 page long poem on any topic. So not looking forward to presenting it in front of the whole class.

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Nicole Rosario 2/26/2014 9:53 PM

Good luck with your poem ! :)
- Nicole

*Lyn* 2/26/2014 10:01 PM

Thanks Nicole! I`ve actually just finished it. It turned out pretty well :)

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