As you can probably tell from the title, IT'S MARCH BREAK.

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AND YET - I have homework.


Yes, yes I know. Be outraged along with me. I mean, even the teachers are somewhat ashamed of it. This is what my geography teacher said after he gave us a big assignment that from the looks of it would take a while:

Class: So is this due after the March Break?

(class stares intently at the teacher)

Geo Teacher: Well, I'm gonna give you some class time today to work on it, but, um...uh..yeah, it's due after the Break.

(half the class groans and the other half glares at him)

Outdoor Education:
The class before, the teacher told us that we were going to have a ski trip the very next class. And yes, he had only decided to tell us about this the class before. I wanted to go, but I already knew right then that I couldn't because the day of the ski trip I already had a French test and a History debate. While I obviously didn't want to do either, I also didn't want to do an extra assignment for History or a makeup test for French later on. So anyway, the O.E. teacher gave us an assignment.

The day of the trip, the supply teacher handed out the assignment sheets. It was one page long, and it was COVERED in questions that he had never even talked about. I mean, how I am supposed to know what a camber is??? And not only that, but he actually wants it typed up, written in paragraphs, with a title page and all that shiz. Do you have any idea how long that's gonna take??

Science class:
He decided to do a lab on the class before the Break. And what does that mean? Lab discussion questions for homework.

Math class: 
She gave us some extra homework. And what was her excuse?
"It's not homework for March Break, it's homework for tonight."

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Why yes, of course. Like we can fit math, science, geography AND science homework all into one night??

So yeah. Those are my awesome teachers. (Some of them actually are awesome, by the way, they're just not awesome right now.) Anyway, I'm going to try to finish everything by this Sunday (like that's gonna happen *snort*), so that for the rest of the break I can do whatever. And for me, "whatever" includes PJs all day long, eating junk food, reading books, blogging some more, surfing the net, and eating. Did I say eating twice?

I'm not actually going to go anywhere for the Break. I don't really mind, because it would just be a hassle, and I don't really want to look at myself in a swimsuit right now (haha). I'd rather stay at home and just relax.

Ugh homework. Homework homework homework. STUPID HOMEWORK!!

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P.S. I swear (or not) that by the end of the year the "homework" tag at the bottom of the page is going to be one of the biggest.

P.P.S. As you can probably tell, I love minions ^_^

P.P.S. Happy International Women's Day!!

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