What would you have done?

So I'm supposed to be doing homework, but obviously I am not. Instead, I found this video:

Have you watched it? This did actually happen. The people's actions aren't staged, and the only actor in it is the boy. A hidden camera was filming this the whole time.

I know it's in another language, but the meaning is still the same. With all the things that we hear about happening in the world today, it's quite easy to forget that there is still kindness in the world. This video shows that we humans aren't entirely hopeless :) While it's what anybody should have done, I still find it quite touching. (I actually cried lol. But then again, I cry for everything.) To see those people give the boy their sweaters, jackets and mitts when they saw he was cold was really moving for me. But I also wonder what those same people would have done if it was not a child who was out in the cold. People tend to be more sympathetic toward children, so if it was someone else, for example a grown man who was out there, what would they have done? Perhaps it would have had the same result.

I hope that this inspires you to live with an open heart, just like the people in this video.

What would you have done?

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