My Face Has Been Ripped

Ok it's not that bad,'s pretty bad.

So here's what happened:

Today in outdoor education we went tobogganing. The hill isn't very steep, but it's a decent tobogganing hill. There are also a  bunch of bumps in the middle of it.

Because it wasn't very steep, we didn't slide nearly fast enough, but it was still pretty fun :) Most people avoided the bumps, except for a few guys who purposely didn't because they thought it was cool or whatever to be in pain...yeah I don't know what they were thinking.

Then my two friends, Flower and Eggnog (no, those aren't their actual names), really wanted to go down the bumps too. Again, I have no idea why. And being the idiot that I am, I went with them anyway.


Luckily, we missed the first set of bumps at the top of the hill, but then we started gathering speed going down the steep part. We went on the bumps, and the whole time Flower is squealing, Eggnog is screaming and I'm half screaming but also going "ohmygodohmygodohmygod". We slid and bounced all the way down the steep part, and the bumps may be small, but damn they hurtAfter that, there were still even more bumps, and this time they jostled us so much, we were flying off the toboggan half the time, but we were still sliding down the hill pretty fast and no one had any control over the toboggan. Then we finally all fell sideways, still sliding, and right when I was about to sit back up, Eggnog fell on top of me, pinning me down, and my face slid on the ground for another metre or so before the toboggan finally stopped.

We got up, and all our butts were hurting so much because of the stupid bumps and the stupid wooden toboggan. My butt was also numb from sitting on the snow, and the right side of my face burned. And I mean burned. I thought it was because the snow was so cold that it felt like my cheek was burning, so I didn't think much of it. I did ask Flower if it was bleeding, though, just to make sure. She said it looked normal, so we just went right back to tobogganing [my stupid friends actually wanted to go back down the bumps again (as their friend, I reserve the right to call them stupid :P ), and when they asked me to go with them, I was like NO WAY].

I wasn't until we all went back to school and I was in the change room that I noticed what was really up with my face. I was looking in the mirror to fix my hair, when I suddenly noticed my cheek. And not just my cheek, but my chin and jawline too. They were practically covered in thin red cuts. Some were tiny dots, but most were half an inch long; some were pretty shallow, while others look deeper, but they're all bright red cuts that because they are all slanted one way, make it appear as if my face has been repeatedly slashed by something sharp. And I guess it has been.

What I thought was just a "cold burn" was actually the burning sensation of a multitude of cuts on my face created by tiny ice shards in the snow slicing across my face as I was dragged along by the momentum of the toboggan.

Imagine how I felt when I saw my face in the mirror.

And when I realized that outdoor ed. was just 1st period.

I would post a picture on here, but lucky for you I've decided not to grace you with the marvellous spectacle of my current face.

Granted, it's not that bad. If you're standing a few metres away, all you'll notice is that one side of my face looks like it's slightly flushed. One metre away and you'll see a bunch of thin, slightly pinkish lines. Any closer and you'll be able to clearly see the cuts.

Getting through the rest of the day was alright. Most people either didn't notice at all, or if they did, didn't say anything about it. I thought that was pretty nice of them. My friend Fishy (again, not her real name) was really nice about it and I'm so grateful she was there :)


My parents weren't very happy about it though.

It's probably going to look worse soon, since all cuts look worse on the second day. Oh, how I look forward to tomorrow *rolls eyes*

See ya,
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P.S. Notice how I labeled this one "Tales of My Misfortune"? That's because there are probably going to be a lot more :/


Freya 3/22/2014 6:02 PM

That sounds painful! :( I think that it's awesome that you get to go tobogganing in P.E though - much more fun than playing netball in the rain!

*Lyn* 3/22/2014 6:25 PM

In the rain?? Ugh I hate when teachers do that :( You're right, I think tobogganing is better than that haha :)

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